Yahoo Contributor Network No More: What to do With Your Articles


If you have been writing for Yahoo! Contributor Network (YCN), you have likely heard the bad news by now; they’re shutting down. Yahoo purchased Associated Content several years ago for.. wait for it.. 100 million dollars! CRAZY. But they have decided they no longer have a need for it and are closing their doors forever. Cue sad face.

I wish I could buy something for 100 million dollars and then be like.. oh, just kidding. I’m done.

Not only are they no longer accepting new submissions, but writers have a month to figure out what they want to do with all their hard work, sweat and tears. Actually, if you got sweat and tears from article writing, it’s probably not for you.

Here are some things you should know:

  • All of your articles are going to be removed by YCN in August.
  • You will be getting one more payment for July’s views.
  • You cannot submit any additional articles to the site.
  • They are returning permissions to you when the site shuts down for good.
  • You need to download your work if you want to submit it elsewhere.
  • Your work will no longer be published, which means it cannot be used as online samples for other writing jobs.
  • While you will have permissions in a month, you don’t as of today. So don’t try to submit them elsewhere, otherwise Google will give you a big slap on the hand for plagiarism.
  • You need to wait for the work to no longer show up in search engines before submitting it elsewhere.

So now the big question: what to do with all your work? Some writers have hundreds or thousands of articles on YCN, making this a big headache. At this point, what you do with your articles is entirely up to you, but here are a few suggestions:

Rework them into a blog post.

Submit them to other passive income sites. (links coming soon in a later post)

Turn them into PLR and sell packs of articles.

Hold on to them and use as samples for freelancing projects.

Start a niche blog if you have multiple articles on the same broad topic.

Save them until you have a freelance writing project in the same niche, and rewrite it to fit the new assignment.

If you have time-sensitive articles, you’re shit out of luck.

Delete them, yell “Fuck you, Yahoo!” and never look back.

If you have been writing solely for Yahoo Contributor Network, now is the time to start looking elsewhere. There are some content mills, though they are dwindling fast. All of the recent changes with Google’s algorithms are changing the landscape of content writing. It isn’t going anywhere, but it’s changing. This is the perfect time to start looking for your own clients or start a new website or blog and writing for yourself.

If you’re interested in content mill work, Writers Domain is currently hiring. They pay $20 for standard articles and $40 for premium articles. The application process involves submitting a 400-word article and taking a grammar test. If you want to tell them who referred you: Jennifer Magnesi

Tips for the writing sample:

  • Keep it as close to 400 words as you can.
  • Choose a creative, non-generic article topic about the keyword they provide.
  • Split it up into shorter paragraphs and use headings when applicable.