DIY: How to Make Fabric Canvas Art {with Mod Podge}


Okay, so I’m a little behind. This is actually a DIY project I did for a blog that is no longer available. I keep meaning to move this over here, but.. so lazy! So here you go. A super easy canvas art project you can do with any leftover fabric scraps (or paper scraps) you have lying around!

The following canvas is something I made for my mom last year, for I think either her birthday or Mother’s Day. The fabric is leftover from something my sister made her, and I had the canvas and Mod Podge on hand, so I just went for it.

Materials Needed:

  • Canvas
  • Fabric Scraps
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint brush(s)
  • Scissors


Step One: Gather your supplies. While I used only one type of fabric, you could get as creative as you want and use different patterns and colors of fabric you have on hand, or use scrapbook paper, or even wrapping paper. I only had the Gloss Mod Podge, but I highly recommend using the standard type, as pictures come out all shiny with the gloss stuff!


Step Two: Cut your fabric. I chose to go with a flower design, so I knew I was cutting out petal/leaf shapes. I started penciling the shapes in on the back of the fabric, but after a while, it seemed unnecessary and the rest were just cut without tracing first. I went with different sizes and tried to choose different areas of the fabric to add variety since I was only working with one type of fabric.

Step Three: Prep your canvas. Most store-bought canvas comes with several coats of Gesso, but you might want to add more; entirely up to you! I chose not to.


Step Four: Arrange the fabric on your canvas. Make sure it is completely arranged how you want it before you glue anything down! You will absolutely regret it if you don’t make sure it’s perfect before you start gluing. Also, I don’t recommend having a fan nearby, as my pieces went flying several times.


Step Five: Glue your pieces down. I just used the Mod Podge to glue my fabric pieces down, but you can use any glue you want. I originally started using regular Elmer’s glue, but it was drying too slow and didn’t stick as well as with the Mod Podge. use mod podge to glue down one-by-one. How you glue is up to you. I put the Mod Podge right on the canvas after picking up the piece, but you can put it on the fabric instead if you prefer.


Step Six: Cover the fabric and canvas in Mod Podge. Now is time to finish your canvas by covering all the fabric and canvas in an even layer of Mod Podge. This will coat the fabric so it doesn’t keep fraying and keep everything glued down nicely.



If you want to avoid the fringe from cutting the fabric pieces, cover it completely in Mod Podge and let it dry before cutting it.

I don’t recommend using the gloss type of Mod Podge. It looks fine up close, but the pictures kept coming up really shiny with a lot of reflections.

Have fun!