Weekly Round-Up Vol. 1 // Friends, Pinterest, Bubble Baths


Monday: Zoe turned five! My monster girl turned 5 years old this week. She is as spunky and weird as always.


Wednesday: Anxiety Diaries update about learning to drive again. I share the challenges I have been facing with anxiety and how I am able to drive again.


Thursday: On Bubble Bath Day, I shared 4 fun and easy homemade bubble bath recipes. On the completely pointless holiday, I found some delicious-sounding bubble bath recipes and posted them. FYI: Totally making the apple one.


Friday: I shared my very first Friday Favorites! This was probably my second-funnest post (see the Friends post!) this week. So much pretty.


Saturday: Find out what Pinterest has taught me about myself. Basically 8 things I learned I now love. Some really surprised me!


Sunday: I listed my top 10 favorite Friends episodes! SO. HARD. If you’re a fan of Friends, try coming up with only 10 favorite episodes. I doubt anything this year will be as challenging. Because you know.. TV is super important.

10 best friends episodes

It was a pretty eventful week overall! My goal to write a post every day has (almost) worked so far, minus Tuesday where I was having an epically lazy day and didn’t do a thing.

How was your week? Did you post anything fun? Feel free to share in the comments!

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