New Year, New Blog


Hello !

New Years is perhaps my favorite and the most underrated holiday of the year. This year, as per usual, I completely forgot to take pictures during our 2-person, 2-dog New Year’s Eve party at home, so you will just have to trust me that it was awesome. I was about to epic and was like.. eww no.  I actually technically started blogging a couple weeks ago, but I didn’t like the name I chose so I switched it to this one. I will be moving over those posts tomorrow.

But I quite like having the first post going up on January 1st. It makes my inner OCD feel very happy. I knew I would post a New Years-ish post today, because honestly, why wouldn’t I. It was actually my husband’s idea to talk about my resolutions. I like to think of them as goals though, that way I’m not disappointed when I give up on them mid-January.

Ready… Go.

Blogging every day. I was even tempted to name my blog “Daily Jenn,” but not only was it taken, but it’s too similar to DailyGrace, my fave YouTuber. So It’s a Jenn Thing it is.

Taking more pictures. Yeah, worst blogger ever. Nobody wants to read nothing but text, I mean seriously.. what a bore.

Not starting sentences with And, But or So. I don’t do it so much with my professional writing, but when blogging, I have a tendency to choose these sentence starters. Terrible habit.

Balancing my work and personal life. I have been working from home as a freelance writer for about 3 years now. While I absolutely love it, I still have not mastered doing anything but working. I sit in front of my computer at least 12 hours a day, but closer to 16 or more. I used to at least take lunch breaks, and I don’t even do that anymore. I promise to at least try to develop some type of schedule.

Organizing everything. If you asked me to see last year’s tax returns or showing you what work I did last week, I would have no idea. Starting today, I am keeping spreadsheets and organizing my files.

The obligatory weight loss resolution. I hate even listing this because it’s on about 99% of everyone’s lists, but it’s a thing and it’s something I need to work on. I am not really concerned with what the scale says, but I would like to get healthier. I mean, I am literally eating cheesecake for dinner.