How I Survived the Election


The election was a month ago, and a lot has happened since then. We have all accepted the results and embraced Donald Trump as our future president.


Here is a little looksie into how I survived the election.

I Focused On My Nutrition


I’m pretty sure peanut butter is a vegetable. No?

Also, totally off topic, but did you know Starbucks delivers through DoorDash?

I Hydrated


Make sure you drink plenty of water, kids.

I Made Sure the Dogs Got Enough Exercise


I know. This is so motivational.

I Baked (?) Cookies


Sure, that definitely all made it onto the pan and I definitely did not eat the entire roll of dough, minus like 2 cookies.

I Learned How to Cook


This was.. something.

I Avoided Social Media (and definitely didn’t talk about politics)



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