The Obligatory Update Post


I’m not being conceited. I found this meme earlier on Pinterest and I love it and it’s my favorite. This will be my reply to absolutely everything on Facebook.

Holy Crapbasket, I’m alive!

This isn’t a real “I’m Back!” post because I haven’t decided if I will blog regularly.

You know how you go through phases on Pinterest where you make all new, well-organized categories and pin every single thing you like for every category, in a single weekend? You spend hours pinning everything and putting them into beautifully-crafted boards, you post them all over social media, and you swear this time you’re totally going to make those “best chocolate chip cookies, says New York Times” and buy that juicer you have had your eye on. Then on Monday morning, you’re like.. yeah. I’m not going to do any of that. Is Dunkin’ Donuts open yet?!

That’s me and blogging. Having 17 posts in my drafts folder is my Dunkin’ Donuts. I like how all my examples of everything involved food. 

I’m mostly here because a few people have asked where I am, and also I’m supposed to be working, so this seemed like a good alternative.

Speaking of work, it’s going good! I’m super busy which is my favorite thing to be apparently. But not like too busy. I am down from 15/16 hour days to a good 12 hours a day. I also took the last two weekends off. Like the whole weekend. Two weeks in a row. What?! It was weird and I got bored a lot and watched movies that were good and sad and made me wish I lived in Strawberry Shortcake’s universe because all their problems involved food.

I’m currently having chocolate-peanut butter ice cream and Diet Coke for lunch, so the new healthy lifestyle is going great.

My very favorite time of the year (Fall + Winter) is about to start. I can’t really drink hot coffee or wear scarves and knee-high boots over my jeans, but I can stand in a cold shower and pretend it’s raining. Though I have a good reason to buy pumpkin pie and buy all the apple cinnamon candles. Life hack: buy a pumpkin spice candle and place it on the counter next to your store-bought pumpkin pie. It tricks your brain into thinking you baked it.

Also, kids are all back in school, which means I can go back to the beach and harbor again without having to deal with youths. The horror. Plus, I am seriously craving Fish & Chips. If Harbor Fish & Chips in Oceanside (California) doesn’t make the best fish & chips you have ever had, you’re wrong.

All my updates are still about food.

If you want to see random updates with mediocre pictures of my dogs, you can follow me on Instagram (socalwriterjenn). A good 98% of my pictures are of the dogs, and like 2% food things. That’s literally it. I also have a SnapChat, but I just use it to stalk other people. I don’t actually post anything.

So. That’s it. This update was overwhelming.

How are you? You good? Cool. Bye!

3 thoughts on “The Obligatory Update Post

  1. If I was a nosy person, I would say that I still have tons of non-food related questions about how you are. But lucky for you, I’m not a nosy person.

    Glad to know you’re still alive and eating all the things I am now craving. Thanks a lot.

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