Bubble Bath Day // 4 Homemade Bubble Bath Recipes


According to Holiday Insights, January 8th is Bubble Bath Day. They have no idea where it came from, why today was chosen, or who made it up. Which means some random person was all.. I’m going to take a bubble bath today. And everyone was like YAY BUBBLE BATH DAY. I think that’s how all the best non-holidays are created.

First, let’s take a moment to remember Mr. Bubble. You have no idea how hard it was to type Bubble and not Bubbles. I thought it was Mr. Bubbles. I will still call it Mr. Bubbles. Moving on. Did you know they still make Mr. Bubbles bubble bath?! I need it.


Now onto the recipes. If you’re not in the mood to pretend you’re a tiny human who wants a bath that smells like bubble gum, you can make an adult version. Here are 3 bubble bath recipes (and a bonus bath salts recipe) that are totally appropriate to make for an adult bath.

If you want, you can make it and just leave it on the counter so guests think you use this fancy stuff. But in reality, you’re using the Mr. Bubbles you keep under your bathroom sink.

Nobody has to know.


Apple Bubble Bath


Honey Bubble Bath


Vanilla Bubble Bath


Lavender Bath Salts



4 thoughts on “Bubble Bath Day // 4 Homemade Bubble Bath Recipes

  1. I so just found an entire bag of Epsom Salt under the sink.. Going for the Lavender Bubbling Bath Salts this weekend!! Thanks for posting these great ideas!!! 🙂

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