Zoe’s 5th Birthday // 5 Facts About My Chi-Poo


This little fuzzy monster is five years old today!

We got Zoe from my mom after she rescued a dog who turned out to be pregnant. She had three puppies: Panda, Missy, and Zoe.

When they were about a month old, I went over to my mom’s house and picked out Zoe. I knew they were keeping Panda (the brown and white one), so it was between Missy and Zoe. I walked up to the crate, and Zoe walked right up to me. “I WANT THIS ONE.”


Her mom was a white toy poodle, but she is clearly not. The vet thinks she is a chi-poo: a cross between a toy poodle and chihuahua.


She is quirky, fiesty, and basically the best dog ever. Don’t tell Moogie.


In celebration of her birthday, here are five facts about Zoe, my chi-poo:

1. She hates Christmas. I think the Grinch had a dog and it was Zoe’s great-great-great-great-grandmother.


2. She is a toy stealer. Moogie (our chihuahua) tries to play toys with her, but her game is to take all the toys and bring them to her shrine, which she guards with her life.


3. She is deathly afraid of the park. THE PARK. Here she is clinging to me for dear life.



4. She is part gremlin. Or just really not photogenic.


5. She is a super cute scary monster. This is my all-time favorite picture of Zoe. This girl!



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