Home Office Ideas: Sneak Peek


Good Morning Weirds.

As you know from my obligatory New Years Goals post, I want to set up an office in our second bedroom. Thanks to Pinterest, I have finally figured out what I want it to look like. Sort of. I am still deciding on the actual placement and furniture, but I have a good idea of the colors and overall style I am aiming for.

I need a space that is all mine and that inspires creativity and productivity. I work from home as a freelance writer, so it has to be functional but also pretty. A place where I want to work.

Here is just a little sneak peak of some ideas I have. More to come when it progresses past “Oh, that would be cool!” to “Oh, it’s an office now!”


1. These gold shelves inspired the gold aspect of the office.

2. A little bit busy, but I like the twinkle lights and pictures in front of the desk.

3. A gold clipboard gallery wall? Yes please!

4. Considering large desks in the middle of the room instead of an L-shaped desk against the wall.

5. Lots of shelves.

6. Teal couch from Dot & Co. Brilliant.

7. I have always loved marquee letters!

8. Who doesn’t love a fun and colorful pillow party?

9. All the gold all the time.

Happy Friday!



2 thoughts on “Home Office Ideas: Sneak Peek

    • Okay thanks! I will actually have a reading area with my main bookshelf in the living room. I will make sure not to put anything too heavy on the office shelves 🙂

      I have a feeling I will just be living at Ikea soon!

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