Anxiety Girl Returns. New Years’ Resolutions. NYE Pressure. FUN.

Oh look, here I am. It’s only been.. EIGHT MONTHS since I posted anything. Is that all?

The only Anxiety Girl update I have is that yes, I still have anxiety. Yes, I still have regular panic attacks. That’s fun. Anxiety Diaries will be back next week. Okay. Moving on.

My New Years Resolutions are:

Blog daily. Yes, one of my “New Years Resolutions” is to blog more on this blog. Like every day. WHAT. Yep. I don’t like calling them resolutions, because it makes it seem like I have to stick to them or else I’m a huge failure. They’re more like goals. So let’s call them New Years Goals. Yes? Yes.

Go professional. Aside from wanting to blog more, I also want to self-host and domain this shit. Like a real blog. If you aren’t self-hosting, I just accidentally insulted you. Maybe my next goal should be to think before I speak type. I also need to choose a new blog theme and layout, but that comes later.

Meet my income goals. I can’t actually tell you what they are because it’s a thing where you shouldn’t say how much you make. So this is vague and you don’t care about it. Too late. Already on the list.

Expand my business. Part of meeting my income goals includes expanding my business. There is a lot to it and much more than I feel like typing. I type for a living, you guys. I get lazy about it! Right now, I have some modest daily income goals that I meet with client work, overflow from other writers, and various content sites. My goal is basically to get more private clients, stay organized, do record-keeping and taxes better, and hire writers and editors to help me out. There is only so much one person can do, so I will need a team. I am currently working on my business plan. Like a real adult.

Set up my office. When my husband and I were apartment hunting around the middle of 2014, we knew we wanted a 2-bedroom apartment. I need an office since I am self-employed and spend about 99% of my time at home. I work on the bed or the couch, but it is hard to stay motivated that way. Plus, a desk and chair would probably save my neck and back and shoulders from hurting like hell every day. Right now, the second room is a glorified storage room with boxes and piles of laundry. So, my big goal this year is to get it all set up and actually work in there. You know. Like you’re supposed to do in an office.

That’s all I think. I will think of more about 2 seconds after I publish this post. I won’t be posting any of the generic resolution bullshit like lose weight and eat healthy and exercise more. Sure, those things are probably a good idea. But if I make a resolution to do them, I won’t. If I just get up and do them and not think about it, I will. Because that’s how my brain works.

Before I leave, let’s talk about the New Years Eve pressure for a minute. STOP. That’s it. Just stop. You don’t have to make it a night to remember. You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on an outfit you will wear once. You don’t need to spend the night stressing about who you will kiss at midnight. I love the new year, but I don’t want to feel like I’m a loser because I’m choosing to spend the night in sweatpants with my husband and dogs, probably watching reruns of Gilmore Girls on Netflix instead of watching the ball drop.  If you’re feeling left out because you didn’t get invited to some fancy NYE party, don’t. You’re invited to mine. Vodka encouraged. Shoes not required.

Okay bye!



2 thoughts on “Anxiety Girl Returns. New Years’ Resolutions. NYE Pressure. FUN.

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