I Make To-Do Lists of To-Do Lists


Think this is just a catchy title? It’s not. I have literally written a to-do list with “make a new to-do list” on it, and crossed it off when making my new to-do list. I might have a problem.

But this post isn’t about my borderline selective OCD; it’s about the importance of organizing. OCD isn’t the only selective personality trait I have. I also have selective cleaning and organizing skills. This means my house is disgusting, but my junk drawer is completely organized. My purse is a hot mess, but if I can find my notebook, it is perfectly labeled with everything I need from every store I plan to go to during a day of running errands.

If you have ever told yourself this lie: “I don’t need to write it down, I’ll remember” – then you need to start making to-do lists. You don’t have to have separate notebooks like I do (one for blogs, one for work, one for daily errands, one for miscellaneous notes, etc.), but keeping one notebook with you at all times is a necessity. I recommend one in every room of your house, your car, your purse, your desk at work or school, and anywhere else you frequent, but that might just be me.

How to Write a To-Do List:

  • Write everything you plan to do for that day.
  • Write down things you have already done so you can cross it off and feel productive.
  • Don’t be afraid to write down “Start my to-do list.” It counts.
  • Keep it with you at all times. Use a notebook small enough to fit in your purse. You never know when you will be sitting in traffic and remember some random phone call you always mean to make, but never get around to doing it.
  • Look at it so often you almost never have time to actually do anything on the list.
  • Do something super important that wasn’t on the list? Write it down and cross it off!
  • Instagram that shit so everyone knows how busy and productive you are.
  • Write an utterly useless blog post about making to-do lists because the post was on your to-do list and you can now cross something off halfway through your Netflix marathon.

You’re welcome! Bye!



2 thoughts on “I Make To-Do Lists of To-Do Lists

  1. I LOOOOVE lists! They are satisfying in a way that’s hard to explain. I’ve replaced my notebook with an iphone app, but I have to admit, it’s so much more satisfying to cross something off a paper list. I think I’ll go start a new list….

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