Freelance Writing: Quick Resources



Due to a large number of responses, questions and comments recently, I decided to turn this into a series. To start off, I know many of you are just looking for a place to start. So here are some helpful resources and tips.

Tip #1: Have a Portfolio

Even if you are just starting out and looking for your very first writing job, you need to have samples of some kind. They can be posts from your blog or guest posts on another blog, website content, or print work you have scanned into your computer. Clients and content mills need to know you know what you’re doing, so there is really no way around this. Many content mills will ask you to write a sample for them, so having experience helps.

The Forums

I highly recommended reading through at least a few pages of posts on this Freelance Writing section of This is where I got a lot of my jobs. Not only do private clients post fairly frequently looking for writers, but writers who have extra work do, and a lot of your common questions get answered.

Tip #2: Get Work Published

When building up your portfolio, having at least a handful of articles published in your name (not as a ghostwriter) is invaluable. Having your own blog is a good start, but also getting work published by a site that is recognizable. I started out getting work published at Yahoo! Contributor Network. It is one of the best places to start, though be aware it only pays per view.

Another site I think you should check out when it comes time to find private clients is She finds all the best job listings across the web and posts them Monday through Friday on her blog. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also look yourself, but it’s a quick way to get the best listings.

Finding Private Clients

The end goal really is to have private clients, even if you do start working for revenue share or content mills. Here are some ways myself and other writers have found their clients.

  • Keeping a writing blog updated regularly
  • Having a writing website, with portfolio
  • Posting and responding on writing forums, like the one
  • Posting or responding to ads on Craigslist (will go more into this later on)
  • Having a Twitter or Facebook page advertising your writing services
  • Word of mouth

I’ll be back with a list of content mills that are currently accepting writers and have steady work.


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