Christmas 2013: In Pictures

This post has been moved from my other blog.


Christmas this year started with decorating trees at my mom’s house. I did the blue and silver one and half the red one. One sister did the candy one, and the other did some of the red tree. I’m clearly a decorating genius and I don’t at all just start throwing on ornaments and hope for the best.


I then attempted to take holiday pictures of my dogs with these cute antler ears on. It didn’t go well.

dog christmas

On to Christmas Eve Eve, which is when my husband and I celebrate our Christmas together, since the rest is so chaotic. The dogs got to open their stockings first. Zoe was much too quick to get a picture, but I think Moogie liked his Santa.

moogie santa

Christmas Eve morning was another crazy day. I woke up at 4 am, worked until 1 pm, then manged to get 10 ornaments done and “wrapped” by 4 pm when I had to start getting ready.

giftstags collage

Christmas Eve was at my mom’s house and it was so busy, I only got this picture of my two pretty nieces. Regardless, it is always my favorite place to be during the holidays.


Then Christmas Day we went to my dad’s. As it does every year, A Christmas Story came on, and like every year, my dad claimed he has never seen it. I’m not going to show you everything I got, except this:

apple martini vodka shakers

Me and dad (and stepmom who probably chose it) and I don’t have a lot in common, but I am starting to feel like he gets me.

And that wraps up Christmas 2013! Sorry it’s so late – I had it originally posted on my other blog, but then made a switch over here.



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