I’m Moving..

Ew, Change.


Hello. Anyone out there?

I have had this blog for years, and have like 10 blog posts. I just can’t seem to stick with it. I think because I was lacking inspiration. I decided to start a new blog, move over the posts I like, and ditch this one for good.

So, if you want to read my stuff a little more often (but still no promises), head over to WhataLazyIdiot.com. I know, I’m SO GOOD at naming blogs.

I only have one post up as of right this second and am working on the blog and moving stuff over, so be patient with me! Or don’t. I’m not your boss.


Oh wait. Please don’t share the new blog with anyone yet. I’m talking to you, family. I don’t like sharing stuff until I’m happy with it. K BYE



How I Survived the Election


The election was a month ago, and a lot has happened since then. We have all accepted the results and embraced Donald Trump as our future president.


Here is a little looksie into how I survived the election.

I Focused On My Nutrition


I’m pretty sure peanut butter is a vegetable. No?

Also, totally off topic, but did you know Starbucks delivers through DoorDash?

I Hydrated


Make sure you drink plenty of water, kids.

I Made Sure the Dogs Got Enough Exercise


I know. This is so motivational.

I Baked (?) Cookies


Sure, that definitely all made it onto the pan and I definitely did not eat the entire roll of dough, minus like 2 cookies.

I Learned How to Cook


This was.. something.

I Avoided Social Media (and definitely didn’t talk about politics)



24 Memorable Moments From the Gilmore Girls Revival (Spoilers)


Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life has been out for a few days now, so I think it’s safe to write about.

I feel like I have a Gilmore Girls hangover. I remember wanting to stay up until midnight the night it was to be released, but I was about 3 whiskey and Diet Cokes in by then, so I passed out. I woke up at 4am, unable to sleep another second without throwing it on.

But then chaos ensued. I wanted coffee. Real coffee for Gilmore Girls day. Right? I mean, if there is anything that would be suitable for a Gilmore Girls reunion, it’s coffee. Unfortunately, our new Keurig is still in my sister’s trunk, there are no coffee places within walking distance, and Starbucks had the nerve to cancel deliveries through Door Dash. HOW DARE YOU.

So I ended up ordering Denny’s breakfast with coffee. Kind of lame, but desperate times.

I had thought about posting a full review, but so much happened in those 6 hours, that there just isn’t time. I mean, technically there is, but pass. Far too lazy. So here are just some highlights I personally found to be memorable and/or something I felt like commenting on.

SPOILER ALERT. Major spoiler alert. Okay, you got your warning, so now you can’t bitch about it.

  1. Alexis Bledel is out of practice. Something I noticed in the very first scene is that Alexis Bledel has probably not acted in a while. Her facial expressions and reactions are so odd in this first scene. You can tell it was the first scene they shot.
  2. Luke giving away fake Wifi passwords. I didn’t get this at first, and seeing hipsters in his diner confused me. But then when you figure out he is giving out fake passwords, you’re like.. yep. We’re back.
  3. Ooober. Classic Kirk. Classic Gilmore Girls writing.
  4. The characters that fell right into place for me: Kirk, Emily, Taylor, Lane. These are the characters that instantly brought you back to the original series as if they never left.
  5. EMILY. I fucking love Emily, and I love Kelly Bishop. She always steals every scene she is in. She is mesmerizing and powerful, and still my favorite character. She also goes through a lot of changes in the revival, which was charming and makes you re-think how she was before.
  6. The surrogate story threw me for a loop. And just ended without being brought up again. They should have at least settled this argument. Though I did love seeing Paris in her element.
  7. Paris and Doyle split. Kind of sad, kind of inevitable, but still not as sad as you think it would be.
  8. Logan! Did not see that coming. This was one of my first HOLY SHIT moments. I am 50/50 #TeamJess and #TeamLogan, so I was fine with it. I don’t love that Rory can’t seem to figure out how to be faithful even at 32, but it is what it is.
  9. Lane has a dad! Finally they solve this riddle.
  10. Mentioning the lack of gays in Stars Hollow. This was funny to me, because she addressed so many things that people speculated in the original series. Why are there not any gays in Stars Hollow? What about Michel? Umm is Taylor?
  11. Jesse Heiman in Kirk’s short. If you don’t know Jesse Heiman, he is the guy with curly brown hair that is literally an extra in everything. It was funny to see him in Kirk’s short.
  12. Francie and Tristan (?) It was unfortunate they couldn’t get Chad Michael Murray, but seeing Francie was one of the surprise chameos.
  13. The Line story in NYC. And of course the Wookie. I think this entire scene was the moment when it really felt like you were back in the original Gilmore Girls. While there are some good moments before it, this is when you kind of get enveloped in the entire thing and remember what you are watching.
  14. The classic Gilmore Girls music near the end of Spring. They might have played the scores before that, but I didn’t notice it until Spring.
  15. April is exactly what you would expect. No surprises here, though the pot thing was kind of funny.
  16. Started getting impatient between Spring and Summer. It was between watching Spring and Summer when I was getting impatient and just wanted to know the final four words and how they would end the series.
  17. The Secret Bar. I know this lasted like 30 seconds and was supposed to be sad with Michel leaving, but I found it utterly charming. Just one of those cute things the original writers would always throw into the script.
  18. The Life and Death Brigade. Okay, so I know a lot of people don’t like this scene, and others love it. I’m the latter. I loved it. Yes, it was a little out of place, but I think it was necessary. It was a great send-off and I always liked Colin and Finn and Robert.
  19. Oh look, there’s Dean. Never been a fan, couldn’t care less now. But yay he was there?
  20. Jess, Jess, and Jess. I was hoping for a little more, but I think the writers always intended for Rory to get pregnant by Logan. It is obvious they tried to stretch this Jess story as much as possible, and even now, it seems like they have this glimmer of hope that if it returns again, they still have a lot more Jess and Rory story to tell.
  21. Rory working for the Stars Hollow Gazette. This was one of my favorite story lines with Rory, along with her writing the book. It just seemed comfortable.
  22. Rory sees Richard in his chair. I think I cried more in this scene than the entire 6 hours of the revival. It was great, and I’m glad they chose to add it.
  23. The touching (and cheesy) wedding scene. We finally got the Lorelai and Luke wedding. It was beautiful and not quite what you would expect, and yes, a little cheesy.
  24. The final four words. First of all, you should know that Amy had originally planned on these words as being the very end of the original series, until there were contract disputes and she wasn’t able to return to write for the 7th season. So, it’s not like they threw it in there just because Alexis Bledel was pregnant and sort of showing when filming Fall. Knowing that, it made it a little easier to accept. I think she had always meant to do this full circle thing, and always wanted to end it on a cliffhanger. While they were originally supposed to be for a 23-year-old Rory and not a 32-year-old Rory, it still surprised me a little. Though I had my suspicions when she went to see Christopher.

Some final thoughts:

I seriously have so much to say, but I am going to try to sum up my thoughts about the revival.

It was exciting getting to see mostly everyone again. There are only a few people who we didn’t get to see, so that was a nice surprise. Lots of surprise cameos and people you didn’t think they would include, like Francie.

I didn’t really mention the scene with Sookie, because while it was a breath of fresh air, it was weird that Melissa McCarthy didn’t sign up to do the revival right away. So the scene felt awkward to me.

The reason I didn’t talk about the entire Wild hiking thing from Fall is because by that point, I was barely paying attention. I just wanted to know what would happen at the end. I will have to re-watch Summer and Fall as I was just wondering what the final four words would be by that point.

I had a problem with a few things: the new maid’s entire family moving in seemed borderline racist to me, and I hated the fact that Lorelai and Rory were body shaming people at the swimming pool. The pace was weird at parts. They could have left out the musical entirely and shortened the funeral part in Winter, then added more to Lane’s story. I wanted to see more of what she and Zach were up to. The entire Paul joke went way too long. It should have ended in Winter.

At the end of the day, we got another 6 hours of Gilmore Girls. So no matter how many stories fell short or just missed the mark entirely, it doesn’t matter. I’m happy that we got to finish some of these stories, and I’m satisfied even if they never want to return and do anything else with the series.

Hint: Since Amy Sherman-Palladino didn’t write the 7th season of the original series, it feels out of place. If you ever go back and watch it, skip season 7 and just go straight from season 6 to the revival episodes. It will make a lot more sense.


The Obligatory Update Post


I’m not being conceited. I found this meme earlier on Pinterest and I love it and it’s my favorite. This will be my reply to absolutely everything on Facebook.

Holy Crapbasket, I’m alive!

This isn’t a real “I’m Back!” post because I haven’t decided if I will blog regularly.

You know how you go through phases on Pinterest where you make all new, well-organized categories and pin every single thing you like for every category, in a single weekend? You spend hours pinning everything and putting them into beautifully-crafted boards, you post them all over social media, and you swear this time you’re totally going to make those “best chocolate chip cookies, says New York Times” and buy that juicer you have had your eye on. Then on Monday morning, you’re like.. yeah. I’m not going to do any of that. Is Dunkin’ Donuts open yet?!

That’s me and blogging. Having 17 posts in my drafts folder is my Dunkin’ Donuts. I like how all my examples of everything involved food. 

I’m mostly here because a few people have asked where I am, and also I’m supposed to be working, so this seemed like a good alternative.

Speaking of work, it’s going good! I’m super busy which is my favorite thing to be apparently. But not like too busy. I am down from 15/16 hour days to a good 12 hours a day. I also took the last two weekends off. Like the whole weekend. Two weeks in a row. What?! It was weird and I got bored a lot and watched movies that were good and sad and made me wish I lived in Strawberry Shortcake’s universe because all their problems involved food.

I’m currently having chocolate-peanut butter ice cream and Diet Coke for lunch, so the new healthy lifestyle is going great.

My very favorite time of the year (Fall + Winter) is about to start. I can’t really drink hot coffee or wear scarves and knee-high boots over my jeans, but I can stand in a cold shower and pretend it’s raining. Though I have a good reason to buy pumpkin pie and buy all the apple cinnamon candles. Life hack: buy a pumpkin spice candle and place it on the counter next to your store-bought pumpkin pie. It tricks your brain into thinking you baked it.

Also, kids are all back in school, which means I can go back to the beach and harbor again without having to deal with youths. The horror. Plus, I am seriously craving Fish & Chips. If Harbor Fish & Chips in Oceanside (California) doesn’t make the best fish & chips you have ever had, you’re wrong.

All my updates are still about food.

If you want to see random updates with mediocre pictures of my dogs, you can follow me on Instagram (socalwriterjenn). A good 98% of my pictures are of the dogs, and like 2% food things. That’s literally it. I also have a SnapChat, but I just use it to stalk other people. I don’t actually post anything.

So. That’s it. This update was overwhelming.

How are you? You good? Cool. Bye!

Shit I Loved This Week (Friday Favorites Vol. 2)

Hi. Hello. How was your week? That’s cool. No, stop.

My week was crazy busy and hectic, just how I like it! I remember when weekends meant something. Now it’s like.. cool it’s the weekend. Still working. #FreelancerLife

Ew gross. I just hashtagged in a blog post. DELETE. DELETE.

This was supposed to be a Friday Favorites post, but I forgot got lazy and didn’t post it. Here are a few things I found/read this week and loved!

This list: 52 places to see in 2015


This Etsy shop


This Twitter account.


These geometric bottle toppers



What kind of cool shit did you like/love/despise/wish you created yourself this week?


Weekend Depression is a Thing

Let’s get real, shall we? I share about my anxiety and panic attack disorder often on the blog, but not my depression. Mostly because mental illness sucks and I hate that I have so much of it.

What I have realized lately about my depression, is that it is worse when I’m taking time off work.

Umm. What?!

You would think when I have days (hours more like.. I am a freelancer after all), I get super blue and depressed. Nothing interests me. During the week when I am going on hour 13 in a single day, I want nothing more than to throw my laptop against a wall and vegetate in front of the TV. Yet when I do finally finish with work and am ready to relax, I’m unable to.

Brains are fucked up.

I actually first started noticing weirdness when I went from “Holy shit, how am I going to pay my rent AND my cable bill?” to “Cool. I’m totally caught up on bills and not stressed about money right now.”

(As a freelancer, I realize this is short-lived.)

When the stress over finances and work went away, suddenly I became more anxious and more depressed. I re-stressed myself out over the fact that I couldn’t handle the lack of stress anymore. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was. The first thought was: Do I LIKE the stress?!

I don’t think that is what I’m missing, I just think I suffer from depression, but when other things are on my mind, I don’t notice it as much. This is essentially what weekend depression is. You are finally able to relax and unwind, which is great. The bad part is that your brain has enough time to think about things, and it’s not always what you’re expecting.

I miss the days when I could sleep until noon and watch Netflix marathons for so long, I didn’t remember if I ate that day. That used to be me. Now, I am a bit of a workaholic. Anyone who knows me, understands how insane that is. I hate working. At least I used to. It’s awesome that I found something to consume me so much, because it means I am almost always motivated to keep working. The problem is that, even when I technically can take a day off, I don’t.

So, maybe it is a combination of depression and plain ole’ workaholic-ness. That’s not a word. But I’m a writer and I can make up whatever words I want.

How about you? Do you find that during the weekend you’re not quite as excited as you should be? I have a feeling I will get the typical “What is wrong with you, FREAK” responses. I totally don’t blame you. I hate me a little bit too.



WCW: Hilah from Hilah Cooking


This week’s #WCW is.. Hilah from Hilah Cooking!

She is adorable. She is funny. She is quirky. There are few things I love more in a human.

I have never actually done a Woman Crush Wednesday post before, but while watching Hilah Cooking last night with my husband, I decided it was time!

There are a lot of cooking channels on YouTube. A. Lot. But, I don’t like most of them because they take themselves too seriously. I would much prefer to learn from someone who is casual and talking to you as if you were standing right in front of her getting a fun cooking lesson. And I love that it is obvious she just loves food and loves cooking.

Hilah’s Website | YouTube Channel | Find Her on Twitter